JUST MY PRIORITIES HAVE CHANGED “


Think about it

what matters most in your life?

We all got list in our minds

This is what i want

An organized grading list of enormous things we want and want to achieve




crave material

rate people

judge them

its in our nature

surviving of the fittest


You need to be fit and strong for a particular surrounding to survive

Need yourself to fit in the crowd of people


Pierre Alex Jeanty



You try constantly to change yourself in a way that benefits you

And get benefits from others

We are constantly rating everyone we know and meet

According to looks , body language , behavior ,  status , achievement , physical strength , mental capabilities , talent and what not

Lost running in this race which leads to no end

We forget whats really matter

Whats really is important

Pause for a moment and see the people around us without rating , judging them or putting others down

We plan everything from our birth onwards

What we will become

like a doctor , engineer , pilot , dancer , anything you wish for…

life full of achievement wealth and how can we forget about a fairy tale romance along the way..

The innocent child dreams

As we grow up our priorities changes their importance changes

We divide things that are of more importance and things that are of lesser importance

For instance dancing is your passion and you enjoy it

But it can be just a hobby

We focus on something more important to make a living


Every single time we make a plan; we think its gonna go the way we wanted to

and spending so much time planning things that hasn’t even happened yet..


There is no big and small things to do

Big dreams comes slow and it takes time

But smaller dreams makes us happy today

We lose people and even opportunities to be happy

Find happiness in small small things

Rather than waiting around for bigger dreams to come around

Cant we see what we are losing missing out in this race

A race that leads to no end

Its the journey that really matters not the destination




Yes i also have priorities like you

And yes sometimes it a lose and gain process

But still its in human nature

We will always go with plans to survive better

The fighting instinct

We will set our priorities and run in this race


Go get it

Fight for your priorities

Be an achiever

But for a moment

A brief moment

Just pause

Take a break

Just breathe and see to your peace and happiness

Because now is everything…






22 thoughts on “…PRIORITIES…

  1. Great one! And I agree with your words,” Now is everything!” There was a story that I heard while I was in high school, the moral was that there is only one important moment in our lives, it is your NOW! Past is gone and future is unknown. The only moment we can make a difference in NOW

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  2. Priority is important for success and happiness, I believe it also help to eliminate stress. Nice image too. Thanks once again for following my blog. Can you do one favor on me as you probably follow my blog which I have migrated to self hosted blog. The old one is not updated long day and as a new blogger can’t resolve the issue. So if possible please visit where you may found WordPress follow button in footer, so that I can be on touch with your blog always.

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