is she ?


IMG_20170322_094136_processed (2)
Selfish is SHE
In HE’s world
Selfish is SHE
To feel same as he
Carry glitter in those eyes
Selfish is SHE
To have those dreams
To play so fiercely
Selfish is SHE
For her growth
For her wisdom
Selfish is SHE
Won’t be  tamed
Just to be a norm
Selfish is SHE
Who won’t feel
Any different than a he
Selfish is SHE
Demanding things
To dream for everything
That should be HE’s
Selfish is SHE
To create Her own happiness
Own light to shine
Selfish is SHE
To become everything
In the power of love
Selfish is SHE
Who gave you a life
To love a SHE
Selfish is SHE
To raise a SHE
For using her power
Selfish is SHE
Who ate before feeding
Cared for herself
Selfish is SHE
To sleep before the routines
To do it all
Selfish is SHE
Supposed to be a partner
But being moulded for a he
Selfish is SHE
Who refused to play a part
Refused to bow down
Selfish is SHE
Who takes in return
What she so rightly deserves
Selfish is SHE
Who raised her voice
Who fought with a bleeding heart
IMG_20170322_094136_processed (2)
Selfish is SHE
Who saw fairness in all
Yet wants to be more
Selfish is SHE
To fight for little claws
For the life she brought
Selfish is SHE
For being made a she
Or brought a she
Selfish is SHE
Who cried endlessly
Who loved endlessly
Selfish is SHE
Refused to play a victim
Still survives
To be a warrior
Selfish is SHE
To not get restricted
In your norms
Selfish is SHE
Nobody to he
Yet being fearless
Selfish is SHE
Who wants to heel
Herself only
Selfish is SHE
To be something
Or someone to be proud of
Selfish is SHE
Who will leave everything
But not her belief
Selfish is SHE
To do something independently
Even with no support


Selfish is SHE
Was supposed to be a
Princess of her father
Queen to her king
And warrior for her offsprings
But required to be a silent
Selfish is SHE
Aroused stimulated for her build
To lead an empire
Selfish is definitely SHE
Not needing a he
Selfish is SHE
For being protagonist
To not be a sidekick
There’s  HE in every sHE
Yes she
Whose often called as
or Famously being put as
If you think she is
Who she’s often called as
Than She is selfish
Like every she
And so is me…


I as a woman
Don’t want to restrict or limit myself
To be  a norm or remain in one
I can be more than what’s expected of me
It’s good to be different to feel different
But there is a belief or understanding of how women, in general, are supposed to be…
We are supposed to put other before us, to see through their needs…
Woman’s essence is nurturing being gentle, kind and giving that’s ideal and comes naturally to her…
But when she starts to do something she wants and put herself first before others
She goes through a sense of guilt
It is found out in research too that woman who are independent like working woman tend to go through guilt and depression…
we are not supposed to be like this
To go through this guilt or depression
Its very much essential to make our man sensitive and supporting
The feminist man to support their woman
Appreciate men who accepts that woman have a live of her own , Dreams of her own
Mentality of this norm should be changed
If this doesn’t change she will feel guilty
Even if she is doing great
Every woman strive
To be something become something
Do things unapologetically for herself
To stand her ground
To not bow down
To believe in herself first than others
To have all her rights to be used and not get wasted
For every she and he
I would like to tell you
Its okay to be little selfish
Whether your a she or a he
Be who are , Do things you want
Its okie to desire
To want
To have
To become
Something better
Something more
To become someone better than you was
To learn something better than you previously did
Its okay to do things you like
Be way you like
Dress the way you like
Its not about a he or a she
Its about
Its all about you
You do things your way without any shame, guilt or an apology
for a better thyself
Be you
Do you


High walls, I see them,
But broke them,
And steal them
the heart inside of that,
I stole your heart and dart,
Too speedy, you can’t catch,
Because I am not your match,
I am your liability
Not your match on a racing track,
Walls down from where I hack,
I don’t know if this is what you lack,
To resist my attack,
Because your heart I hijack,
Too heavy, I can’t lay it on my back,
I am your liability
But I made it when I put it in a sack,
Ran out of your security mark,
I ran till my legs ignite spark,
Walls down and growing back,
Walls down like the twin towers,
Blown by my super-powers,
I was your liability
Seems you are sweating go get some showers,
Your heart is where I grow my flowers
as I disappear from you
in my light
because I was your

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THANK YOU for always being there in my journey
It’s been a while I posted
I appreciate your words and support
Please be around for more
With love
  • Nigar






46 thoughts on “SELFISH

      1. Perhaps you could break it down into a couple of posts for those who find it too long. As an older reader too, I find the font you are using is a bit difficult for me to read. It probably doesn’t matter to younger eyes than mine πŸ™‚ Wish you all the very best and thank you so much for the follow

        Liked by 1 person

      2. thank you.. i definitely consider your suggestion..i think breaking down into several post would really help…:) hope to see more of you… happy blogging


      1. Nigar now come on
        You beautiful soul
        You are too good
        Too lovely in self and words
        In emotions and feelings
        In every post you have depth
        So all I did was saying I really love reading your words.
        The last post on women.
        It simply is so beautiful
        Sometimes it is best to be little selfish. 😊🌹😊

        Liked by 2 people

      2. When we are not concerned that others make us happy, when we are no more concerned that the decision of others is always right, when we start understanding self and listen to heart….. We don’t need courage because we are knowing self.
        Let them call what they wish, it cannot uproot us from who we are. We accept others as they are so we need to be accepted as we are… Right dear sweet, Nigar ji.

        Liked by 2 people

      3. So happy for you
        So excited for you
        May source shower on you unlimited love, happiness, joy, smiles, peace and light.
        May you glow and be the luminous bright light you are.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Well when the others see you as selfish it never means they see the truth.
        What others see is themselves in you.
        They call the other selfish when they are not benefited.
        They call other selfish when they know they are not capable of doing what they ask for.
        So never believe in their words.
        Because they don’t know themselves even, how can they know you.
        To be selfish is never wrong at times because it means we have put ourselves above and it is because we love self and respect self.

        Hey my one of the post… Love post says similar things… Where my first love, my soul mate was also selfish and left me alone. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. There is never an end because they is never an beginning.

        Just flowing we all are like the waves of the ocean, sometimes high and sometimes low but always in the ocean.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. That was lit…I can just grasp all ur emotions..Its explosion..I will share with my sister she is somewhat like u(not totally )…I dare not mess with her..I come in peace and go in peace)…peace out..

    Liked by 1 person

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